art & science, inside & out:
summer camp at the lemoyne
Art foundation


The LeMoyne, an art gallery in Tallahassee, didn't exactly ask me to make my 2D Art summer camp curriculum be all about science illustration, but it quickly evolved that way. For the summer of 2013 I drew, crafted, and forayed with kids aged 4-14. By halfway through July my microscope pretty much lived in the classroom, as did some roly polys, much to some parents' chagrin. 


in tallahassee, toadstools and invertebrates abound

I found gorgeous fungi like these on my walks to work. Every morning there was something new to figure out how to make art about before it got too mushy. Soon enough, the kids were bringing in specimens, too.


a social lens

In order to make the one-at-a-time microscope use more accessible for the crowd, we played games in which each kid took a turn adding to a collective colony of drawings, describing to the group what they saw through the lens. 

In a variation of this game, the other kids would draw what the person viewing through the scope was describing, without having seen it themselves. Sometimes I tied concepts from science illustration history into these lessons. 


I brought loupes like the one this guy is wearing and hand-lenses to keep more kids occupied with magnifying things simultaneously.