A diorama for yellowstone

The design and fabrication company Pacific Studio was contracted to create a diorama for Albright Visitor's Center at Yellowstone National Park. In 2014-2015 I worked on Pacific's fabrication team for this project. Here are some shots of the installation and final product.

me with otter.JPG

Mud and moss detail

Once we arrived on site for install, our team was able to refer to the surrounding landscape to create realistic finishing touches on the diorama. Here, I'm fleshing out the details on the riverbed while an otter gazes on.

mountain install.JPG

Otter island

While all diorama components were life-sized, the small size of the room necessitated condensed versions of landscapes. This little 'island' gives visitors a sense of the park's vast geologic and bio-diversity.


Elk & doug firs

From Yellowstone's collections site emerged over a dozen taxidermied animals. The flora and fauna installed in the visitor's center represent the park's Northern Range, characterized by riparian ecosystems, fir forest, and an intersection of lush and arid biomes. 

wolf and pups.JPG


It's springtime, and wolf pups emerge from their den to explore the fruits of countless hours of tender grass-making labor. 


Rhizocarpon geographicum (map lichen)

I made quick impressions of local sun-loving lichens on some of the boulders.